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Monday, October 29, 2018

Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming

Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming

Python Networking Programming is simple for beginners, powerful for the pros. Use it to create tools, sockets and more.

What you'll learn
  • 3.5 hours of Full HD video material divided into 32 downloadable lectures
  • Discover core concepts of network communication and python networking
  • Become familiar with basics of networking: internet architecture, IP addresses, Python TCP connections, Ports and Sockets
  • Transfer data between server/client applications running on different machines on the network.
  • Connect to any computer in the world REMOTELY by building a networking tool called Reverse Shell
  • Master the basics of python socket programming: creation and usage of sockets
  • Learn about threading and multi-threading to handle two tasks simultaneously
  • Learn how to create a server on Digital Ocean and run python files on it
  • Access to our private facebook group available to only students of this Python Networking course

Author: Attreya Bhatt

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