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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Python 101

Python 101

Learn Regular Expressions, NumPy, Pandas, OOP and Database programming in addition to basic Python.

What you'll learn
  • Programming in Python with real confidence.
  • Crystal clear understanding of all Python core concepts.
  • Playing with Python Objects: Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionary objects.
  • Writing Python functions, Iterators and generator functions.
  • Manipulation of File Objects: Reading and Writing of Text and Binary Files.
  • Creation of Python Classes and Objects and working with modules.
  • Relational Database handling with Python using Sqlite3 
  • Working with Arrays and multi dimensional arrays using NumPy module.
  • Skill with Series and DataFrame Objects of Pandas module.

Author: Kris Yamarthy

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