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Thursday, September 13, 2018

R programming: Practical and Concise

R programming: Practical and Concise

Learn the R programming language, the popular programming language used in Data Science, Statistics and Machine Learning.

What Will I Learn?
  • How to use the R programming language and its environment
  • How to manipulate scatterplot and bar charts
  • How to use R functions to manipulate data
  • How to analyze data with R
  • How to visualize data with R
  • How to find patterns and model your data with R

So, you've heard a lot about the R programming language, but you don't know how to get started?  This Udemy course is exactly what you need! This course will teach you all the fundamentals you need. Trust me, you won't need any other course to reach the intermediate/advanced level after this course.

In this course, you'll learn how do some neat programming using the popular R programming language, the most popular language of Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and so many other things..!

In this course, you can expect to become a cool R bro/sisgrammer and learn:
  • The R programming environment 
  • The syntax of the R programming language
  • The fundamental data constructs of the R programming language
  • Bar charts and scatterplots with R
  • Fundamental functions with R
  • Data Analysis and Data Visualization with R
  • And much more...

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