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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Data Science- Hypothesis Testing Using Minitab and R

Data Science- Hypothesis Testing Using Minitab and R

Introduction to Hypothesis Testing, Performing Parametric and non parametric tests, Analysis of Variance.

What Will I Learn?
  • Formulate Null and alternative hypothesis statement; perform Hypothesis testing techniques for various output and input types; Have an understating of "Analysis of Variance"
  • It is recommended (though not mandated) that participants have clear understanding of high school mathematics and basic statistics
Data Science - Hypothesis Testing using Minitab, R is designed to cover majority of the capabilities from Analytics & Data Science perspective, which includes the following:
  • Learn how to formulate a hypothesis statements with business context
  • Preform 2 sample t test for continuous output with discrete inputs in 2 categories
  • Using ANOVA for continuous outputs with more than 2 discrete categories of inputs
  • Performing 2 – proportion test for discrete output and discrete inputs in 2 categories
  • The Chi – Square test for discrete outputs with multiple discrete inputs 
  • Introduction to Non Parametric tests like: Mann Whitney test, Paired T test, Moods median Test and Tukey pairwise comparisons  
  • Learn about Hypothesis testing techniques & how to accomplish the same using R and Minitab

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